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1.How can I get involved?

It’s simple: you can either sponsor a girl, which allows you to purchase all of her books for the season or you can donate. There are two ways to donate, 1) Through our Amazon wishlist 2) You can support by donating money that allows us to build our emergency book fund for future girls and/or last-minute additions. 

2. Are you a 501(c) (3)?

We are a tax exempt organization and we're currently creating protocols so that you are able to write off your donations. Here is our EIN: 86-2120038.

3. Can I write my donation off on my taxes?

We're currently working on an invoice system that allows you to write off all donations. 

3.    What if I can't afford the books to participate?

Please send us an email after you've registered, letting us know that you would like to participate but are unable to at this time. We will add you to our list for sponsorship that allows our supporters to donate your books for the summer. We'll be creating an application soon that will allow you to opt-in and out of whichever seasonal book selections you choose. 

4.  What if I don't have internet access?

We're currently navigating this but we're hoping to be able to phone in as an alternative.

5. Are the books age-appropriate? 

Our books are selected carefully and we feel that they are age-appropriate and in alignment with the books that many adolescents are already reading in school.  The books address topics that may be triggering but we feel that they are necessary to read about as they are experiences that many Black girls are subjected to. When we have books like this we will send a notice out to parents, place trigger warnings on all content, and parents even have the option of reading along.

7. Can I join after the collective has begun a book?

We haven't decided on this yet. We'll update you when we have made a decision.

8. Do you offer tutoring or mentorship?

Not currently, but these are services we hope to expand to in the future.

9. What's the difference between sponsoring and donating?

Sponsorship is supporting one girl throughout the entire program by purchasing all of her books, while a donation is typically a one-time purchase or gift.

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