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“The literatures of all women of color recreate the textures of our lives.” -Audre Lorde

Pile of Books

Empowering Black girls to shatter the glass ceiling in unimaginable ways. Specifically, encouraging them to pursue paths they're are passionate about by providing scholarships for university, trade schools, and gap year opportunities.

Utilizing therapeutic techniques such as bibliotherapy + narrative therapy to help with a range of outcomes from mental health and reframing the colonial narrative created around Black girlhood to bridging the literacy gap and allowing Black young women to read literature for and by them.

Supporting Black businesses by ensuring that all of our purchases are from Black book shops. But, also, partnering with local home improvement stores to building "Free Libraries" in neighborhoods with no access. 



Book Collective.

Black Girl Book Collective is committed to providing a healing space for High School aged Black girls through literature for and by us. It is our hope that through the colorful language of Black and/or Queer authors we create ongoing dialogue and introspection on the joys and the traumas that are, at times, synonymous with Black girlhood. In doing this, we as a collective are doing our part to disrupt white supremacy which dictates that Black girls are somehow less deserving of so many of the privileges that their white counterparts are given with ease, including but not limited to access to healing, education, and the ability to take up space in this world as needed.





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